Published on: September 27, 2022

Tulsa Botanic Garden and Red Fork Distillery have partnered to create and launch a new spirit – Vodka infused with Botanical Essences from the Tulsa distillery. A portion of the sale of each bottle benefits the Botanic Garden, a non-profit organization.

Taking inspiration from the Botanic Garden, Red Fork Distillery hand-crafted the vodka with infusions of botanical essences including juniper berries, coriander seeds and orange peel. The spirit was launched in late August 2022 and is now available in stores.

Located in the Red Fork District in southwest Tulsa, Red Fork Distillery was started in 2015 by owners Mike and Dana Hoey. It is Oklahoma’s first legal distillery since prohibition ended in 1933.

The art for the label for the bottle was commissioned by nationally acclaimed, Tulsa-based artist Josh Stout. Stout has worked with the distillery on the artwork for all their spirit labels.

Currently the Vodka is available for purchase at:

  • Red Fork Distillery, 3310 Southwest Blvd., Tulsa
  • Parkhill’s Warehouse Liquor & Wine, 2432 E 51st St., Tulsa
  • Parkhill’s South Liquor, 10018 S Memorial, Tulsa
  • Ranch Acres Wine & Spirits, 3324A E 31st St., Tulsa
  • Modern Spirits, 401 E 11th St., Tulsa
  • Bixby Wine & Spirits, 15024 S Memorial Dr., Ste. B, Bixby
  • Brandywine Liquors, 12817 E. 41st St., Tulsa
  • Tulsa Hills Wine Cellar, 7422 S Olympia Ave., Tulsa
  • B & B Liquor Warehouse, 7002 South Mingo, Tulsa
  • Collins Midtown Liquor, 1685 S Yale Ave., Tulsa
  • Spirits of 66, 409 N Lynn Riggs Rd. Claremore
  • Station Wine & Spirits,1 3701 North May Ave #2, OKC

It’s available by the drink at:

  • Tulsa Botanic Garden
  • La Tertulia
  • Mother Road Market
  • Four Seven Three
  • Mr. Lucky’s Pub & Grill
  • Tulsa Drillers/ONE OK Field